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Speed dating new plymouth nz

This would be beneficial to our community and surrounding districts for health and well-being, and will also be an educationally benefit to our younger generation. This will ensure that together our community will grow from strength to strength. Tourism is a growing industry. I am passionate about, and determined to re-establish meaningful and positive connections within all sectors of our community. There is a need to allocate a set fee which will enable community boards to use within their given communities they serve.

Speed dating new plymouth nz

So we will need to clean our home. We need open consultation and communication to overcome issues like freedom campers, respect beach access, safe speeds on our highways and lanes - and continuing to improve our infrastructure whether it's for pony clubs, surfers, skateboarders, cyclists or park lovers. It shouldn't be hard to improve access in these web-oriented times. It was a war-ravaged city and the community was wretched — local democracy was lost. All the roading issues between Waitara and New Plymouth. After all, we love this place. I believe this should and can be self-funded through parking revenue, by re-evaluating CBD parking and using it just as a parking tool and not as revenue gathering. This improvement must start at the top, with councillors and with council processes, ensuring they are fit for tomorrow's world. Want to meet your council candidates? More important to New Plymouth is the current relationship we have with iwi. The economic downturn, B: The council is in the process of finalising area catchment plans for both Waitara west and Waitara east. This is clear with the state of leaseholders and the poverty of our town caused by high rents and high leases. The role of a councillor is far greater than a single issue. I believe that promoting our district and region as an excellent place to live or visit, will have a positive impact on whether new residents and ex-pats returning make New Plymouth their choice when settling down in rural New Zealand. It's not that simple. They want to pinch our stuff. Many cities around the world have achieved zero or near zero waste. The strategic blueprint for future planning is a great step. I believe the most important thing for a councillor is to advocate strongly and effectively for the ratepayers, something I think I've achieved. For example, the little community of Marfell recently held a walk and talk meeting where council and mayoral candidates alike were taken through the community to see just how serious the traffic and parking issues are and implore the would-be council to take action. Should rates only fund core services and infrastructure or should rates also fund the things that make this district the vibrant place it is today? Children and cats have been hit crossing the road by speeding motorist. Firm leadership and representation for New Plymouth district is required. Council being more people friendly.

Speed dating new plymouth nz

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    We are currently dumping 25, tonnes a year into a revolting mess at Colson Rd and in several years we will spend additional money by carting it all to a new expensive hole in Eltham.

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    It's all about money, not lives. As mayor I'll always accentuate the positive and, in everything I do, I'll always ask myself a simple question:

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    Working to increase the council's engagement with the people of New Plymouth, informing them and being informed by them. Tourism is a growing industry.

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