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Understanding Martin's Body Sizes

Precisely dating a martin guitar

They have great workmanship, but small bodies designed for gut strings only. Acoustically, they sound nearly the same. For example, a "T" after the style number indicates a Tenor guitar. Many consider the and OM, which is essentially a to be the ultimate guitar size, where others feel the "D" size is the best. Tenor guitars were marketed as a way to get banjo players in the s to the s to convert to guitar. The strings on an OM must be tuned to a higher tension to get concert pitch.

Precisely dating a martin guitar

Martins all seem to have a problem with the "neck set" on many of their guitars before The 27" scale would retain the fret spacing of the plectrum banjo, and 15 frets clear of the body would closely resemble the length of a banjo neck. The model and serial numbers, as seen through the sound hole on the neck block of this D Flat tops from to are considered good quality and have good sound, although they are not as collectible as the 's to steel string models. Made only during the s. Electric guitars by Martin any variety: He requested 15 frets clear of the body and a 27" scale in Martin's largest standard body size which at that time was the , with 12 frets clear of the neck. Note the distance between the bottom of the low-E string, and the 7th fret. Martin guitar serial numbers start at in because Martin estimated they made instruments before Uke size instruments with eight strings are Taropatches. The number can be seen by looking inside the sound hole. Staring in , Martin has been undergoing many changes with numerous reissues, new models, limited editions, etc. They rejected the 27" scale idea, as this would have been impractical since the high string tension on a guitar would have made the instrument hard to play. Many consider the and OM, which is essentially a to be the ultimate guitar size, where others feel the "D" size is the best. The joining of a long-scale Uke size instruments with ten string are Tiples. Though ukes in general aren't particularly valuable, Martin ukes are worth more than most other makes. Notice the "1" in the "18" does somewhat look like a "2". If done correctly, this does not affect the value of the guitar and in fact can make it more valuable, as the guitar is much more playable. Martin soon realized that with the vigorous strumming required in a band setting, a pickguard would be required. Tenor guitars were marketed as a way to get banjo players in the s to the s to convert to guitar. Most Martin guitars made are "flat top" models. Because of this, these models have limited appeal and hence are less collectible than steel string models. So the chance that your non-Martin guitar is really a "Martin" is very unlikely! Finally, the OM's smaller body size makes the guitar easy to hold, especially in the seated position.

Precisely dating a martin guitar

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