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Can sex addicts be involved in loving relationships?

Do sex addicts love their wives

As he grew, his mother found it appropriate to comment on body parts, strip him of privacy, touch genitals in joking manners, decide on his friends and later girlfriends and so on. So I grabbed his phone and the numbers were not saved in his phone and the texts were all gone. My husband of 17 years loves me, and is a great friend, dad and overall human being. Have you considered family therapy? One very true saying I was told long ago is this…. He is also somewhat narcissistic as he makes these grandiose gestures think soliloquies on FB about his love for me that leave everyone wondering why I kicked such a great guy out of our family home that includes 5 children 12 and under. Are sex addicts incapable of true love? In the beginning he was going to a lot of meetings, a few to several a wee. Faith in God helps and will help you.

Do sex addicts love their wives

Why do I truly , and totally love this man when I know we could never have a normal relationship? Thank you Donnie 9: When we broke up I found that she had already entered into a relationship with someone else. Before i had gotten pregnant i caught my bf on craigslist in the personals. More importantly, people who love and cherish their partners can still be enslaved by these irresistible urges. Recurrent failure to resist sexual impulses in order to engage in compulsive sexual behaviors. No one deserves to live that way. What happened I am starting to think might not be the best road to travel here. At this stage they are so deeply entrenched in denial that they would believe yes means no, black is white, and there is no hell, all because it will work to keep them and their addiction safe. It is different for different people. It is obviously a pattern I have so even if I move on I will more than likely just meet another addict. I am glad to read that you are going to therapy, that will help you process a lot and deal with your own internal processes. I tried so hard to confront him and he denied telling me he having no idea what I am talking about. I left him but eventually went back when he allowed me access to his phone email everything etc told me the baby and his family was enough to put him to shame about his habits and against my better judgement i believed him. I was devastated by the discoveries as I always just wanted to make a beautiful life and grow a loving family and have worked very hard at improving my own self and connecting with my own spirituality over the years. Giving up or limiting social, occupational or recreational activities due to the behavior. He was NOT allowed to express any negative emotions or thoughts in his home. The upshot is that their way of relating to their partner may be very superficial, intermittent and outright deceptive. I get so angry and asked him. See how you feel first, and take it slowly from there. He shut me down. There are many reasons. Both sex addict and partner have intimacy issues Sexual addictive behaviors are, among other things, a way to avoid intimacy. The most shocking is that he thought he could get away with it. Extremely kind and caring to all. My question though is about his recovery.

Do sex addicts love their wives

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  1. Mezigrel Reply

    Do you think he might try to hurt me when I reveal him that I know everything? He says he has no problem connecting and that I am the one who is not connected.

  2. Shaktigar Reply

    They DO love, but that love is easily misplaced.

  3. Mikanris Reply

    This is not closeness. It is different for different people.

  4. Kiganris Reply

    My question- can he really be in love and respect me if I started out as part of his secret life I had no clue about? After that, I believe there can be a fullness of love and passion and true Oneness!

  5. Murn Reply

    He says he used to have a disease he WAS sick and selfish and had self pity etc etc.

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