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Dating service mission statement

These topics will include issues on single parenting, health, investments, travel, and romantic relations, and will be delivered by other esteemed professionals. She is in charge of data processing, employees, outside sales representatives, and client support. A minute audio tape is provided to all owners. Each piece is marked with a two-week coupon mandating an immediate response. In February of , the advice feature was added to the home page.

Dating service mission statement

She is a recipient of a Commissioner's award for Excellence in Community Service. These short-term needs unfortunately do little to contribute to the success of a long-term relationship. Muscular and well-built so I feel secure and protected. On the technical front, our goals include the development and addition of interactive multi-media capabilities so that singles can see videos and hear the voices of those with whom they have been matched on the Internet. Fear of meeting someone with a criminal background or criminal intent, fear of meeting someone who is an alcoholic, and fear of being viewed as politically incorrect are all reasons why singles' bars no longer hold the fascination they did in the s. If the owner is using a hotel meeting room for the seminar, it is suggested that a speaker phone be placed in the room for Ms. Due to the pressures of daily life in America, that goal is becoming more and more complex. By April of , units were sold in the USA. Inexpensive post cards outlining the advantages of this unique form of matchmaking are sent to singles in a targeted community. By early , that figure had doubled. What they especially want is best described as a soulmate. As the availability of zones in the USA and Canada diminishes, the corporate goals will focus on the sale of international zones and the addition of personals for individual countries. Many have tried number voice personals and found them to be too general and ineffective. He holds a Master's in Education from Dalhousie University. It has been our experience that social functions do not make for high profits, take considerable time to develop, cost many dollars in organizational manpower, and lead to going out of business faster than other services do. Jamie and I created this mission statement to remind ourselves why we started this business in the first place. The "Summer Special" compensates for the slower registration rate that traditionally occurs during summer months, when singles are either on vacation or more socially active. This minute video answers the most frequently asked questions and, although generic, is a subtle promotion of the MatchMate system. Hamilton is a relationship counselor, free-lance writer, and lecturer. Or someone whom you can share the rest of your life with? Leave the social gatherings to other types of singles businesses. Second, to continue to sell licensed business opportunities to entrepreneurs around the globe. Singles newspapers also produce strong response and further target the market share each MatchMate owner seeks. The owners moved to Springfield, Massachusetts, where the first automated system was offered. Eventually, there will be a nominal charge and the pages will become interactive.

Dating service mission statement

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    The letter explains how the service operates—by matching key, holistic elements of compatibility—and that it was designed by a certified professional.

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