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Japanese Woodblock Printmaking (Part 1 of 2)

Dating japanese woodblock prints

Woodblock prints will show paper fibers on unprinted areas, while reproductions copies will usually have a uniformly smooth appearance and texture. Thank you, Brian, for taking the time to share what you've learned! Many of his works have been published by Unsodo. See sample illustration at right. He was published by Watanabe then Unsodo and in the late s decided to only produce self published works. First Period In the first, lasting from until , a single round seal reading kiwame "approved" is found see sample illustration at right. Sixth Period At the very end of the period of censorship, from until the end of censorship in , a round seal contains just the zodiacal date.

Dating japanese woodblock prints

Kano-style prints found today are usually Chinese rather than Japanese. The focus is on higher-end images, but most prints will be priced close to market value, so they are neither great bargains nor grossly over-priced. Noel Chiappa Last updated: Also not covered here are certain obscure censor seals used for special forms, e. In addition to selling source, the impression quality and condition always should be considered. If you can decipher the publisher and date, that is a major help in narrowing down the possibilities. The Signature The signature of a woodblock print artist isn't signed like a modern day artist would. He is one of the most highly respected of the Shin Hanga Artists. If the latter is done, the seal may be crucial in order to date the print. In the second arrangement found most often from to , the aratame character is at the bottom left, with the month on the top left, and the year on the right, although one also sees a variant where the year is in the middle. This seal started out simply, and then got slightly more ornate, before he changed it to a completely different, rectangular seal. In she was one of a five-member female artist tour of Europe and her work was included in the International Japanese Contemporary Print exhibition in Bulgaria. In the initial phase, from to , a circular aratame seal was used along with a separate oval zodiacal date seal; again, these seals are usually directly next to each other, but occasionally they are separated. In , the aratame seal was dropped, and the oval date seal appears alone. But as both the Edo and the Meiji print will have relatively high values, this is seldom a concern for the beginning collector. Training also incorporated uniquely Japanese elements such as sharply defined clouds. The example on the immediate right displays the names and functions of two little known artisans: He studied at the Musashino College of Fine Arts and began creating woodblock prints in His small series of scenes from a journey to Korea were very popular on his return. He often uses gold leaf in the colouring of his woodblocks to extremely good effect and has a well established reputation through a number of exhibitions in New York, Tokyo and regional Japanese cities. Anyone who has ever eaten in a Chinese restarant will no doubt recall this from the placemats. Most designs predating had soft colors; later, more garish inks were sometimes used. More artists and their work still to be listed. Although engraving and lithography were occasionally used as early as the Edo era, until the 20th century very few woodblock artists also used these media, and even then there was little overlap. While such defects can put the price of even some Edo-era originals at just a few dollars, those prints will not increase in value. An artist may decide to either use a certain seal for most or all of their career, or use several different ones, changing them periodically.

Dating japanese woodblock prints

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    All four of these are shown in the center, red-highlighted section of the image to the right.

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    Translating titles can be challenging, as printmakers or their publishers often used rather imaginative combinations of ideograms kanji with meanings or connotations that now escape us.

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    Various forms of these seals or their combinations allow us to date some prints with precision, while other seals permit only an estimate within a range of years. In the case of prints created as propaganda, even if the artist omits his signature, the publisher will still put their mark on said print.

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