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Clay pipes found on the River Thames foreshore, London

Dating english clay pipes

I made it by shaping the bowl on the potters wheel then added a heel and a portion of stem. These show how the styles were for that area of England which were a lot thicker and more rugged looking. Dating to around and likely made in Scotland. Pressure casting was developed in the s for the production of sanitaryware although, more recently, it has been applied to tableware. These vary in date from the mid 17th century to mid 19th century. They are fine for smoking and you get all three pipes as shown in the image for the price.

Dating english clay pipes

Key as marked on the stem on one side. London pipe bowls c. Gambier produced many thousands of designs right up until and their pipes have always been favoured by smokers at that time and are very collectible today. It was popular among smokers back in the 19th century and is still very desirable today. They were recovered from a river after flooding about a decade ago. This one is quite heavy and has a nice smooth polished finish. There is no damage to this one. Pressure casting was developed in the s for the production of sanitaryware although, more recently, it has been applied to tableware. Condition varies with some chipping and staining. A condition of bone cartilage occurring in certain diseases of these tissues, in which they acquire an unnatural density, and come to resemble ivory. Condition varies with some slight chipping and staining. Made from pipe stems dating c. A monster, half maid and half serpent. The price includes postage and packing. English and Dutch stems. The pipe was never cleaned. Some of these were smoked at the time of the English Civil War right up to the plague. This one has some old silver-plated beads. I am not sure which maker produced this one as several in England did this design. Pertaining to the household; domestic. This pipe might appeal as a novelty item or if you are a Gambier pipe collector. These date from about A couple of bowls are complete. It is a typical style from the city in that time period. Four pipe bowls which are from the c. This is a typical style dating from c. Thus, it is only fitting to honor the region with a simple but elegant corn cob pipe reminiscent of s style that was first developed around the s and continued in popularity through the s.

Dating english clay pipes

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    There is a small hand-made hole at the front of the pipe which someone made to hang it up on a wall in past times. Made from pipe stems dating c.

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