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Bluetooth dating saudi arabia

Despite such reservations, cellphones and Bluetooth have allowed young people to experiment more freely with flirting and dating, within whatever limits they set for themselves. The couples can decline to wed, but they are generally forbidden to seek out partners of their own choosing. Calls and texting -- and more recently, Bluetooth -- are breaking down age-old barriers and giving young men and women discreet new ways around the sentries of romance. Excited, flustered, using his left hand to steer, he clicked on her name and sent her a text message with his phone number. She said she rarely uses the Bluetooth function on her phone because "guys are usually just playing around with girls when they do that. He said he had no illusions that love was about to bloom.

Bluetooth dating saudi arabia

He clicked on "Think Pink" and sent her the sweet greeting. Outside, rich young Saudis shopped at Hugo Boss and Bulgari and drank coffee at Starbucks -- drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden and punishable by public lashings. She told her family's driver that Thobaity was a pest. Restaurants and coffeehouses have separate, partitioned areas for "families" -- male and female relatives -- and single men. Baeshen scrolled through the gallery of images he keeps on his phone, including a Winnie the Pooh in a bed of roses. She called herself "Spoiled," which matched the flashy Daddy's Girl car. Security guards stand at the entrances to shopping malls to bar men who are not accompanied by a wife, sister or mother. On the men's side, about 30 guys sat in a thick haze of smoke, drinking Cokes and coffee. I thought it was a very cute story. The Saudi government has watched the rise of cell technology with alarm. But she couldn't get him out of her mind. She entered the restaurant fully veiled. That left I Feel Pretty. Before Bluetooth arrived, people here say, a man seeking to circumvent all that might write his phone number on something heavy enough to be thrown -- usually a cassette tape -- and toss it through a woman's car window. The Internet is also popular but is not as convenient or intimate as Bluetooth. Saudi culture demands that families arrange meetings between young men and women -- with the sole goal of marriage. But Spoiled said many young people are ambivalent about dating because they are deeply influenced by the society's conservative norms. I didn't want to embarrass her. After three hours on the phone the first time they spoke, Spoiled and Thobaity decided to take the next step: Cellphones permit young people to talk discreetly without a parent listening. Somehow they would get engaged. That applies even to people like herself who've lived overseas -- she spent time in the United States -- and been exposed to other customs. But officials quickly relented after they realized that nearly all cellphones sold here have cameras. We all want to be married. Aug 6, 1 Advertisement What do you guys think of this article. Bluetooth, which allows high-speed transfer of photos, videos and text messages to others within a range of about 15 yards, enables them to communicate without even knowing each other's phone numbers. The couples can decline to wed, but they are generally forbidden to seek out partners of their own choosing.

Bluetooth dating saudi arabia

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    He has been Bluetoothing for two years, since the technology first hit the market here, and never once has it led to an actual face-to-face meeting with a girl.

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    Excited, flustered, using his left hand to steer, he clicked on her name and sent her a text message with his phone number. Two days later, they met at a Japanese restaurant atop the Westin Hotel, a quiet and cozy spot overlooking the Red Sea.

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